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Education For All

Access to education is an essential component in an individual's development and a country's economic and social development. JAGO GAON education programme addresses the lack of access to education to children. JAGO GAON strengthens government-run schools and establishes its own education centres in remote villages where schools do not exist. JAGO GAON also empowers communities to hold government officials accountable for providing better quality educational services.

Education & Awareness

Primary & Secondary Education for all
Professional Eduaction & Preparation for Competitions
Vocational Training, Workshop & Seminar
Research & Journals

Healthcare & Hygiene

Clinic, Dispensaries & 24x7 Ambullance Service
Women Maternity & Childcare
Menstrual Hygiene Day
Workshop, Seminar & Awareness Programme

Water & Agriculture

Water Quality & use efficiency for irrigation
Sustainable modernization of agriculture Practices
Animal Husbandry
Workshop, & Training Programme for Farmers

Cultural Industries

Rural Tourism Development
Promoting and Reviving Regional Folk & Art
Promotion & Organisation of Cultural Events
Economical Support to Local Art & Artist